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Cultured Mable Countertops

Cultured Marble is very versatile when it comes to tops. Other then vanity tops you can also cast molds for Bathtubs, sinks, moldings and trim, shower walls and shower pans.

With several colors to choose from and a budget friendly cost you can expect a great top. One of the best thing about this particular top is that you can expect it to be made all in one piece. Eliminating seams for build up at the bowl location. 

athens, ohio Cultured Marble counter top
Pickerington, ohio cultured marble vanity

Did you Know??

How are Cultured Marble Countertops made? 

Each Vanity Top is made with marble dust , lime stone dust, and other pigments for Color. When its time to make the Top all the ingredients are mixed with resin and poured into a form. The form will be placed to dry for 30 minutes for hardening. After the top is cured and buffed it is ready to be delivered. 

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