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Canel Winchester laminate counter top

When it comes to granite countertops, you can expect natural beauty. Quarried out of the earth, granite has a huge selection of colors that never looking exactly the same. Different areas of the world will give you unique characteristics.  Over the years, the high demand of granite has dropped the price significantly.

Granite is scratch and heat resistant. The main draw back is it needs to be sealed every year.Our tops come with a 15-year seal. 

Our showroom offers many samples to look at. Allow us to measure and give you a free estimate.

Granite Countertops

Lancaster laminate counter top
Pickerington, ohio laminate counter top

Did you Know?

How are granite countertops made? 

Granite is found 20 miles below earth in the continental crust layer. This rock was made from magma trying to exit the core of the earth. The two main minerals found are quartz and feldspar. The rock is extracted and polished.  

athens laminate counter top
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