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athens laminate counter top
Canel Winchester laminate counter top

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops have come a long way. The once dull, unattractive look has changed. With 100's of new colors to choose from at an affordable price, you cant go wrong.


A new laminate top can make your home feel fresh and increase your home value. There are several finish and edge options available. 

Looking for a scratch and water resistant top that's maintenance free and easy to install? Come check out our showroom. 

Did you Know?

How are laminate countertops made? 

First, a laminate sheet is created. A sheet is composed of several layers of craft paper and resin. When the paper absorbs the resin, it is put into a high temperature oven. When dry, the sheet becomes a durable waterproof surface that is ready to be used.


The Second Phase is bounding the laminate sheet to a particle or plywood board. This can be done on-site or in a "post form".

Pickerington, ohio laminate counter top
Lancaster laminate counter top
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